Sunday, 26 October 2014


 If modernism is defined by the outfit which the individual prefer(basically the comfort level:P), sorry that doesn't comes under the lot. 

If it's in the language one opt with, sorry it's just a medium to covey one's own thoughts regardless of language bias.

 If it's in the intake of food which an individual prefer, sorry it's just the delicious wish.

So,where does modernism begin?!!!!
Well,it's in the minds of the individuals which seek for clarity within and amid others(needn't be judgmental indeed:P). 

To give the icing effect to this huge term Modernism,getting just exposed to modern society doesn't mean that one just equip all the necessity that comes under the umbrella term MODERNISM... 
The balanced proportion in the thinking process shows one's ability to reach the zenith.. It comes with the intense and wide spread knowledge nor with the parameters that one has towards the exposure stuff... 

Though the society works under certain norms and criteria,the modern working system of an individual questions,rebels and at last put forth the effective system that the modern thinking minds is in exact need of.

There do prevail a prejudiced thought that modern people,i mean,modern thinkers ignore these facts,but why shouldn't that be a flaw? Will the free flowing thoughts in the minds of the modern thinkers be allowed to flow with it's gush further????

 Key-terms: Modern society,Modernism, Broad thinking Process.

PS: Nothing INTENTIONAL.. just a step to keep the rusting brains to serve it's bio(logical) purpose:P

Impact: Neeya Naana,a talk show in Vijay TV(a Tamil channel).



Don't let go


From You - 

Sobbed the dry leaf!

It's almost done,

Time for You to leave Me

"Dear Dry Leaf"

Sighed heavily

The branch.... 









Monday, 28 July 2014


To begin with
just like that 
Sharing began and it
Brought bundle of wonders....

To begin with
just like that
Care and affection sparkled and it
Brought light to soul....

To begin with
just like that
Listening added more color
To Life....

To begin with
just like that
Tears roll in my cheek
And get a lump in my throat .....

 Where shall i begin this note "My Dear Friend?" 
 And "Here" is the pretty smart answer- but
Where shall i end this note  "My Dear Friend?"
And "Dunno" is the answer...

But the end shall be in my "Heart" 
Where unfolded mystery
Ever and forever!!!!

Power of Reason says "To Hold here".... and
Power of Emotion says "To Initiate here".....

Well,"To Initiate here", the end may be for the literal communication. But you do converse with me and within me in the form of ideas,opinions,enriched thoughts and pretty arguments that i do have for my own self... "Be Happy" is the slogan you uttered for me" My Dear Friend"... How could i attain that without your presence in all these ways... Let your unconditional love,care and affection be with me through all these means...

Ever and forever!!!!

Just give a second for me to converse
With you day and night "My Dear Friend" - eternally....
To Bring wonders and
To Lighten my soul!!!!

Ever and forever!!!!

This is something beyond anything and everything!!!!

Monday, 7 July 2014

என்னுள் இருக்கும் ‘நான் ஐ தேடி . . . . .






மெளனம் சாதித்தேன்

அனைத்திலும் ‘நான் இருந்தேன்.

என்னைத்தேடிய ஒரு நொடி மட்டும்


Friday, 4 July 2014


I read to write.

I write to read.

To read is to write.

To write is to read.

I read my mind

To write my heart,

While my mind

Read my heart

And rewrites it!!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Days pass By- By

The way people Do- Do

Find their entrance and Exit- Exit

Sustains as days pass By- By

Eternal belief some Live- Live

The rest as best,

to fulfill the Rest-Rest

Remains endless

for the Soul-that

Wanders as a Passer-by!  

Saturday, 28 June 2014

You be there

Where you are - 

In the core part

Of my heart...

For there in I could

Feel my heart beat

Sense my pulse

And hear my soul

Singing hymn in joy!

Thursday, 26 June 2014




 Some days

 Do just occur

 As that is

 Never ever

 The other day -

 It stands still and till

 To make my heart fill

 With Love and You !!!






Sing a song

For me

Ordered the Earth,

Staring at the Sky.

Sky poured -

The humble tune - Rain!!!